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home-extension.info is an independent website created by a recently retired building consultant with over 35 years experience giving information on home extensions be it a house, bungalow or flat and covering aspects including

  • Design, types of extensions, other design considerations and plans
  • Town Planning including Permitted Development
  • Building Regulations
  • Party Wall Act, Covenants, Building over sewers
  • Costing your extension
  • Types of Building construction
  • Getting your dream home extension build

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Moving on!

If your home is too small for your needs and it is time to take action or you think you can see potential to add value to your property. What are the options? You can find practical preliminary advice in the section Extending my home or move? together with the pros and cons of extending or moving.

If you are looking for ideas as to how to extend your property our section Home extension ideas presents 2 videos packed with real life practical home extensions to ordinary properties. See the difference it can make to a property with our before and after shots.

Don’t forget extending your home be it a house, bungalow or flat does not just mean increasing its footprint. In our section Types of Extensions we look at internal alterations, basement and loft conversions, as well as single and multi-storey extensions, detached extensions, and conservatories.

Formal permissions and costs

OK you have decided a home extension is what you need what are the next steps? Who can draw the plans  them tells you all you need to know about having plans drawn up for your home extension. General Design Principles covers different aspects that may affect your home extension design

 In our sections on Town Planning and Building Regulations and Other Legal Requirements you will find straightforward easy to read information on the various regulations and requirements that govern home extensions in England. There is also an up to date article on Permitted Development (PD) which is a hot topic these days.

Costing your home extension will help you consider all the different factors relevant to costing a home extension.

Building the dream!

Whether you decide to self-build, sub-contract or employ a builder to create your home extension our section Building your dream home extension will give you useful tips and advice to help you along the way.  We recommend our Case Studies which cover the construction of  successful home extensions from the ground works to completion! Our latest case study (Case Study 3) is in the process of being constructed.

Contact us

If you have a query about any aspect of home extensions contact our home extension expert who has over 35 years of experience designing home extensions.


The legislation referred to in this free home extensions guide at present relates to England. As this is a general guide to the requirements and aspects of legislation are rather open to interpretation, always seek advice from your local council or building professionals in your area as to a particular situation.